Will you help protect BC's threatened grizzlies?

We, the undersigned, want the grizzly bear populations of BC’s Coast to Cascades region to be healthy,  connected, and resilient.

Given this/In order to see this happen, we are calling on the province of BC to:

  • Immediately begin planning to recover these threatened grizzly bear populations to self-sustaining levels; and 
  • Put in place interim measures to safeguard essential habitat and linkage corridors for these populations as the recovery planning process unfolds.
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If you are hiking or recreating in grizzly bear country, remember to travel safe. Grizzly bear or black bear? Learn the difference. And if you do see a grizzly bear, please report it to our reporting hotline: 1-855-GO-GRIZZ (1-855-464-7499).


Photo (c) Steve Ogle. 

Photo (c) Steve Ogle.