Will you help protect BC's threatened grizzlies?

We, the undersigned, want the grizzly bear populations of BC’s Coast to Cascades region to be healthy,  connected, and resilient.

In order to see this happen, we are calling on the province of BC to:

  • Immediately begin planning to recover these threatened grizzly bear populations to self-sustaining levels; and 
  • Put in place interim measures to safeguard essential habitat and linkage corridors for these populations as the recovery planning process unfolds.
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If you are hiking or recreating in grizzly bear country, remember to travel safe. Grizzly bear or black bear? Learn the difference. And if you do see a grizzly bear, please report it to our reporting hotline: 1-855-GO-GRIZZ (1-855-464-7499).


Photo (c) Steve Ogle. 

Photo (c) Steve Ogle.