Photo: Steve Ogle

Volunteer Opportunity

Role: Community Hub Activator

Location: Pemberton, Lillooet, Squamish, Whistler

Starting September 2017, min. 3 month commitment

The Community Hub Activator will play a key role in coordinating community outreach and engagement for CPAWS-BC in support of the Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative (C2C). They will work with members of CPAWS-BC and the C2C team to increase the organization’s presence in the community, and will help build relationships with individuals, citizen groups and other organizations to support grizzly bear recovery in southwest BC.

Key responsibilities:

  • Serve as a contact for local volunteers interested in outreach, education and advocacy work on grizzly bear safety and population recovery

    • Assist in building and coordinating your community volunteer team

    • Plan and host volunteer meetings

    • Organize volunteer training sessions with CPAWS-BC and C2C staff

  • Help find or create opportunities to talk to people in your community at public events and outreach tables

  • Coordinate the distribution of educational outreach materials in your community

  • Be the lead for on-the ground promotions for local events, including but not limited to: distribution of posters, connecting with local groups


What you get:

  • Experience with one of Canada’s leading conservation organizations

  • Skill development in traditional and social media, facilitation, and community organizing

  • Opportunities to directly contribute to the protection of Canada’s threatened grizzly bear populations by developing outreach initiatives for your community and increasing community support for the campaign


To apply:  

  1. What is your experience coordinating volunteers (or another form of group)?

  2. What is your experience with public engagement, campaigning, and/ or canvassing?

  3. Why do you think it is important to educate people about grizzly bear populations in your community?

Send your resume and answers to the above questions in one document titled “FirstName_LastName_[TOWN]Grizzly” to Tori[at]

Apply by September 5